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Simply Good Business Planner

Simply Good Business
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The grow-your-business-instead-of-babysitting-it planning template

Remember the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed phase of your business? When you had all the ideas and the sky was the limit? Then, all of a sudden, it was the end of the year and you hadn't checked your business plan a single time. Then you forgot to renew your business license and were blindsided by a new competitor you didn't even know existed.

If only there was a simple template to give you a guideline for a yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly business planning process... Oh wait, there is!

The Simply Good Business Planner is what I use to run my business and using this system is what helps me grow it year after year. And I'd love to share the template with you!

Here's what some of the business owners who have used the template have to say about it:

"I love it! It will really help me organize my business overall and develop/achieve our goals! Life-changing and for such a small (tiny!) investment!" ~ Bridgette L, owner of Winsome Meadows

"Wowza, this is awesome! I love the easy to follow layout, tick sheets and note boxes keep it simple but all-important/high impact." ~ Tricia G, mortgage broker⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What does your business planning process look like? 

Do you check your business strategy once a year? Make sure all your client, vendor, and project files are up to date? Make a plan for pro bono work? What about accounts and passwords?

What are the yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly tasks you're staying on top of to grow your business and don't miss out on any opportunities or revenue?

I know that business planning, task lists, and updates don't sound super exciting, but once you have a system in place it will make a huge difference in your business. 

What do you get with the Simply Good Business Planner?

You get a 30-page fillable pdf with yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning templates. One of the monthly and the weekly templates also come in landscape format in addition to the portrait format of the planner. 

Categories include Strategic Planning, Pro Bono Work, Accounts and Services, Finance, Marketing, Goals, Networking, Important Dates, and a Weekly overview.

Use the templates in digital form, print them, or use them as inspiration to create your own versions. However you decide to use them, they will help transform your planning process from best laid plans to simply good planning ~ and you'll be back to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time!

Happy Planning!

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